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Price and Availability of New Rolex Submariner As you will see, the white gold model costs more than the yellow gold version, despite both being crafted from 18k gold. Moreover, the green-bezel version of the stainless steel Submariner is accompanied by a retail price that is slightly more than its all-black counterpart. Therefore, with that in mind, in spite of only being separated by a few hundred dollars in price at the retail level, the actual price difference between the green Submariner "Hulk" and its all-black counterpart is greatly higher on the secondary market. Even though these new watches have just been released, we would not be surprised if the new green Submariner ref. 126610LV ends up selling for significantly more than the all-black model once these new watches reach the open market. The previous generation of Rolex Submariner watches offered two different versions of the stainless steel Submariner Date. There was a version fitted with a black dial and a black bezel and a version fitted with a bright green sunburst dial and a matching green ceramic bezel. While an all-black option still remains in the catalog, the all-green Submariner Hulk has been discontinued and replaced by a new model that features the color green. While the ref. 116610LV Submariner breitling replica Hulk features both a green dial and a green bezel insert, the new green Submariner features a black dial and a green ceramic bezel. This new update recalls the color profile of the 50th Anniversary Submariner "Kermit" ref. 16610LV that was first launched in 2003 and features a green aluminum bezel insert. While the new green Rolex Submariner 126610LV embraces the same black dial and green bezel design as the "Kermit" from the 5-digit generation of Submariner watches, there will be little to no chance of confusing these two green Rolex divers. In addition to offering a larger 41mm case, the overall lines of the watch are significantly more bold and angular when compared to the older 5-digit series of the Submariner. Although the ears have been a little thinner than the previous generation, they are still significantly thicker than the 5-bit series found. This allows the two watches to instantly recognize each other, even though their design and color configurations are similar.